Test Prep

Your Custom-Made Test Preparation Programme

We provide Test Preparation tuition for a wide range of subjects and at many different levels.


Tuition is available as private one on one sessions, small group or even online so you can study at a time that suits you ( please note that some online tuition is provided by proprietary tuition programmes).

Transfer Test Preparation- AQE & PPTC (GL)

(Tuition hours provided on hourly basis or custom plan)

Academy At Home provide private one on one  instruction in prepation for Transfer Tests to Grammar school. An Individual Education Plan will be scheduled to give all students their best chance of success in gaining a Grammar School place through the transfer procedure. 

GCSE Subject  Preparation - (sessions  on an hourly basis)

Whether you are preparing for an exam, just need to catch up or gain confidence and understanding of a particular topic, we can help set you on the right path to achieve your full potential. 

Private one on one, small group or online tuition is available, contact us now to start your journey on lifelong learning.

SpLD - (sessions arranged on an individual basis)

If you suffer from or face the challenges of an SpLD, we can provide an individual programme that will give explicit and systematic tuition that will help you build strategies and learning pathways, so you will be able cope and move forward.


We have tutors experienced and trained in providing exactly what is required for each student as we understand that every student is different depending on their circumstances and the challenges they face.




We always encourage parents to engage with our tutors and students, as this can accelerate the learning and provide back up when tutors are not available. Our tuition lessons are freely open to parent participation and we can also provide help for those parents who would like to take a refresher course so they can engage with their child.

 Test Preparation