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Is your teaching system custom-tailored to my child?

Yes. We understand that all children are different and learn in their own way and at their own pace.

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Do you provide a FREE assessment?

Yes. We will administer an assessment before you start, at no charge.

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Will my child have his/her own tutor?

Yes. A personal tutor will be provided for individual lessons, a tutor will be assigned based on your academic need and specific learning style to help you achieve your full potential.

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Do you personally interview and train every tutor?

Yes. We have a strict recruitment process, and every tutor is fully trained and certified on all aspects of our learning system.

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Can I review my child's lessons?

Yes.  Each student will have their own personalised lesson plan, designed for a particular students needs, and scheduled to fit your busy life. Lessons can be as little or as often as required and students can attend one lesson or as many as they need on a particular subject.

Lessons are open to parent participation and each student will receive, on request, a monthly progress report.